Model Railway Club H0-Aalborg

Description of the layout 2005:

The center of the layout is a model of the old Aalborg station as it looked before it was re-built in 1970. From Aalborg a DSB double track leads to a small station (Svenstrup ) and from here to a junction called Langaa. From Langaa the double track continues to 2 hidden yards with one turn curve illuding the area south towards Aarhus. From Langaa a single DSB track goes via a rural station (Bedsted) to end in Thisted. In the other direction from Aalborg a single track crosses a copy of the railway bridge over the Limfjord to Noerre Sundby, where a larger harbour is planned. The DSB single track continues to Frederikshavn station. The private railways is based on APB (Aalborg Privat Baner). In Aalborg the Aalborg Hadsund Jernbane (AHJ) is connected and ends at its main station Hadsund. From Svenstrup a track of the Aalborg Hvalpsund Banen (AHB) leads to Hvalpsund with a small harbour and ferry. The third private line FFJ/TFJ goes from Noerre Sundby via a rural station to Thisted. Later it is possible that another private railway (SB) will start in Frederikshavn and ends in our workshop where Skagen station can be placed.
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