Model Railway Club H0-Aalborg

The history of the club in brief:

The club was founded in 1966. During the first years the club had a small 35m2 room, but in 1975 we moved to our current location. At the beginning the layout was built after a German model and was based on a copy of the station Altenbeken south of Hannover. But as time went on there was a bigger interest for building a Danish layout and at the same time it was also possible to get much more Danish trains and rolling stocks.               In the autumn 1992 the club made a copy of the railway bridge between Aalborg and Nørresundby for an exhibition. This gave us inspiration to rebuild our layout into a Danish layout and use Aalborg station as the new center station. We tried to build the tracks, buildings and landscape as it looked during the period 1950 - 1970 (Epoch 3).

In the following years, the tracks on all main lines Frederikshavn – Kvissel – Aalborg – Svenstrup and the private line to Hadsund were completed. One of the old german stations survived as Aarhus, as it fitted nicely into the new layout. Hadsund station was made as a moveable module, and we have had mutch joy with taking it with us on various modelrailway exebisions.
On the new layout we have also decided to use a digital control system (Lenz) to control the trains.
We have clocks running on modeltime (1 hour = 12 min), and by 2001 we were able to run our first run on a Danish timetable.
It was mainly around Frederikshavn and Svenstrup the work on the landscape was focused upon.
  It was the plan, that the reused “German station” later should have been rebuild, and as operating on the layout was not optimal, plans of a general reconstruction began in 2002.
After many ideas and proposals, the final plan for a radical rebuilding of the whole layout was decited in 2005.
On the new layout a larger weight will be on single tracks, goods train operation and better access to the layout.
During the spring of 2005 large portions of the layout has been dismanteled. Frederikshavn, Svenstrup and Aalborg remains, while the rest is being rebuild. We took the opertunity to build a new cealing, paint th e rooms, get new lights an make a new door to make better access.         Description of the layout

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